Divya Dampathyam(A divine marital relationship)…1


An old friend of mine asked me once, is your marriage Kanchipuram? or Madurai? For those who are not familiar with the tamil brahminical satire. Let me educate you on the question. He was asking me if I was dominating in my relationship with my spouse (Madurai Meenakshi) or that my spouse was dominating me (Kanchipuram Ekambareshwarar). It kindled the story teller in me to tell you the stories of the exemplary dampathyams as I know it. Read the rest of this entry


Navadha Bhakthi- Nine Actions of Devotion


The treatise on nine forms of devotion was given in two major epics; the Ramayana as Rama tells this to Sabari when she seeks knowledge from him for liberation and the Bhagavata where Prahalada recounts them to Hiranyakasipu. In a sequence of stories we will see how each form of bhakthi refines us Read the rest of this entry