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Scarred to liberation


There was once a Shishya who was weak in vedas and vedanta and stayed much behind his other classmates however he had a strong desire to be liberated. He asked his guru to help him find liberation and simplify the practices for moksha. The answer given by the guru interested me a lot. The agents for your liberation look for three types of scars. Scar in your feet that searched for truth,Scar in your tongue which spoke the truth, scar in your soul in which truth resides. Read the rest of this entry


Navadha Bhakthi- Nine Actions of Devotion


The treatise on nine forms of devotion was given in two major epics; the Ramayana as Rama tells this to Sabari when she seeks knowledge from him for liberation and the Bhagavata where Prahalada recounts them to Hiranyakasipu. In a sequence of stories we will see how each form of bhakthi refines us Read the rest of this entry