“I” am because I had gurus. All I have is gratitude for them. My first guru is my mother who introduced god to me in a way no other has done. Thanks to her today sitting in a strange country I can close my eyes and visit as many temples as I want. My second guru is my father, who encouraged independent spiritual enquiry and supported opinion forming and making choices. But for him I would be a girl with no sense of aspiration. My third guru is Swami Mitrananda who came to me when I most needed a guru. I still can never forget how my heart was appeased 45 days after my dad died, in your Vivekachudamani. Every word of upanishads I have been blessed to hear Swamiji under that tree, is etched forever in my memory. But for you this bird would forever not know who the “bird” is.

Someday Guruji (HH SS Ravi Shankar) knew that I will choose to drop experiences of my own and experience the world through my hubby. Thank you Guruji for making my experiences healthy and thanks for just adding enough baggage to topple the entire bag rack over.

It is impossible to finish thanking Mahaperiva for what he did to me. For taking in a broken girl with bunch of negative labels . Burning every single identity and giving me three new ones, to hold this bird to the tree.

The stories I tell here are my offering to these outstanding humans who chose this mortal to bestow their kindness on…

“I” am blessed because I had gurus


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