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Am I right?


I took a little break from crowding myself with knowledge, I stopped seeking anymore answers from books. I stopped sharing stories to observe how much of all that I learnt influenced me. One place where I observed this a lot is my own constant pondering on what is right and wrong? Do I decide from  my past patterns or do I render what is required for the situation. What is the position that I take for various events that happen around me? In essence what is my Dharma? Sometimes the world surprises u by giving u answers from places u least expect it. What one considers as spiritual group does the most hypocritical act while a common college going kid could lead a profound life and give u life lessons by example, People who talk endlessly about karma act as if they have no idea about it. Making you question what is right who is really right? The one who follows rules of modern living? Or one who simply does what the situation demands not worrying about rules. Today I am going to share one such view point from Mahabharata which answers and distinguishes the various ambiguities about Dharma in a simple way. However  my experience of this knowledge comes from my life and yes what I read drives what I do in my life.

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