Rama Raajyam- A Divine Society

Don’t we all dream of an ideal world?? where the system of justice can never be questioned?? where mind is free of thoughts worthy of being thwarted… It is that safe place we always we wish for whenever we are emotionally bruised. Mind says “Oh! I wish world was a better place….” In a recent discussion about a perfect society my mind wandered into thinking if there was an ideal society ever. Like always I turned to scriptures to find my answers.

Rama Rajyam was found to be an illuminating description in Shri Valmiki Ramayanam of a perfect society. Lets now discuss how we used to deduce that a particular society was considered “IDEAL”; for any judgement needs quantifiable or suitable criteria that lends itself to be evaluated. An allround happiness and development would pave way for ideal society where every citizen was blessed with auspiciousness, where each individual practiced Dharma, peace in mind, prosperity in state, unadulterated bliss in existence.

Valmiki describes rama’s regime beautifully as a place where widows did not lament(For no one died of unnatural causes, people lived to their fullest), no danger from wild animals, and no fear of incurable diseases. No thieves and robberies as no one felt worthless and the old did not snatch the opportunities of the young. Even animals were pleased not just humans, everyone was focussed on the path of righteousness. Plants flowered in time trees bore fruit in time and were not attacked by pests, Clouds rained in time and wind was pleasant( as environment was taken care of) People were performing their jobs and roles in society without any greed and every occupation was respected hence eliminating the imbalance in the wealth distribution. People lived long healthy lives with happy family as a social unit and children were born in time (owing to healthy lifestyles).

Now I am not sure who we need to recreate all aspects of society that existed then but you do have an opportunity to eliminate fear stress and violence in the society by being part of this event

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